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Clip-on Fishing Rod Holder
for Kayaks and Canoes

Installs in seconds
No Holes to Drill
No tools Needed

Clip on fishing rod holder for sit inside kayaks and canoes. Installs in seconds. No holes to drill, no tools needed. Rod holder adjusts up and down with a set screw. There is a small hole on the left side of the rod holder to attach a fishing pole leash in case the rod is dropped while out of the holder. A swivel lock at the top of the rod holder secures the fishing pole while in the holder. Will accommodate all types of fishing rods.  Recipes for different types of fish included on package insert.

Kayak installation instructions

Clip on

Tighten set screw

Adjust rod holder angle

Canoe installation instructions

Unscrew rod holder from base clip. Install on canoe with set screw facing out. Tighten set screw.

Reinstall rod holder. Align angle gears and tighten rod holder at desired angle.